Royal Group of Companies is up coming - fast emerging group having base at Gandhidham with main motto to be as bridge for middle and lower middle class people who have life time dream to have own “Home sweet Home”.

The “Group of Companies” have its base at Gandhidham and is in a process to have its set up across country within next two years.

Name : Royal :- Main reason to choose the name Royal is to work like a KING and to give some special treatment to common men beyond there expectations Royal means Suited to all or worthy of a King or Queen. And also to continue group philosophy to start all names with “R” as majority of group companies are having name like “Rajwadu Restaurant, Ram Jupdi Dhaba, Rajvi Hanling, Rajvi Resorts, Regal Shipping, etc.

Motto :- The company is having main motto or philosophy to work hard for development of infrastructures and to concentrate mainly on development of residential colonies for very lower or middle or upper middle class people across Gujarat and to spread same activity all over country within a period of three years. The company has adopted sign : “always TRUST in all ways

The Group of Company Chairman is Shri Kantilal F. Acharya, who is well reputed business person of Gandhidham having base as businessmen since last more than 25 years.

Our Directors

  • Dhaval K. Acharya
  • Hemant H. Bhatti
  • Yusuf A. Sangar
  • Chandresh K. Acharya
  • Deepak P. Chandnani
  • Sanjay G. Patro

Words from Royal Family

With wishes of all members, friends, elders who are been in touch with royal have make this small group to a giant group. Thanking all those who are knowingly and unknowingly are with us and who have given always permanent support to us. Due to all their blessings we have reached upon to this stage.

In the short period all the members which have kept trust on us are very appreciate one. Keeping faith on us and giving moral support help us very much. Investing on our projects and always seeking some additional. This risk of our company has been appreciated with real world opportunity and have owned a trustworthy relation with our valuable customer.

We are expecting from each one this type of faith forever.