Royal Sia

Royal 9

  • Individual Plot Allotment: 75 sq. yards

Royal 8

  • Bunglow, commercial offices and shops

Royal 7

  • Individual Plot Allotment: 75 sq. yards

Royal Township (Bunglow)

Royal Township (Plot)

Royal Bumper Dhamaka

  • Individual Plot Allotment: Home appliance items

Royal City

  • Individual Plot Allotment: 75 sq. yards
  • Site Address: Gundala-Mundra
  • Project Started: 16/10/2010
  • Total Members: 3500
  • Installment Amount: 1980/-
  • Draw Date: 20/11/2010

Royal Residency

After completing successfully two projects our work was not been limited till Kutch but it was expanded till Ahemdabad, Rajkot, Raghanpur, Gandhinagar, and also in Mumbai. This amazing response from our customers shows our great service which is admirable one.

  • Project Starting Date: 2/7/2006
  • Project Booking Completed Date: 13 Days
  • Project Start Date: 3/4/2007
  • Project Site: Varsamedi Anjar
  • Total Members: 10,000
  • Total Gifts: 190
  • Total Spot Gifts: 13800
  • First Lucky Draw: 24/7/2007

It was forever in Kutch that in the presence of Hon. State minister, MLA’s and 25000 peoples we organized the first lucky draw. This moment was unforgettable for us. The appreciation which was been received from Gujarat’s people was amazing.

Royal Park 2

After successfully launching and completing Royal Park 1 with 750 members in it, we launched Royal Park 2 because of achieving a great support from all the previous members. With a short time period we added 2600 members in our Royal Plot’s family. This numerous support from all members was a greatest achievement for us.

  • First Agent Meeting Date: 18/11/2006
  • Project Booking Completed Date: 22 Days
  • Installment Amount: 1800/-
  • Total Installment: 45(Monthly)
  • First Draw: 22/12/2006

Royal Park 1

Royal Park 1 is been developed in the middle city of Sinay and Adipur. A project in which after allocating plots it included very competitive rates with construction also. Total 180 raw house including construction work. In this project it includes only 750 limited members. At the time of launching it get an amazing response and within 13 days all the members were been registered. After 15 days which was 15/07/2006 first draw was been organized.

  • Project Starting Date: 2/7/2006
  • Project Booking Completed Date: 13 Days
  • Installment Amount: 1000/-
  • Total Installment: 40(Monthly)
  • Total Price: 40,000/-
  • Project Complete Date: 8/11/2007
  • Plots Today’s Market Price: Rs.1,75,000/-

Project Features developed by Royal Plots

  • Royal’s every land is near by the city.
  • Royal gives priority on the area which is well developed with nearby industry.
  • Royal’s land is permanent in a single level. There is no need of making it in a level.
  • All the land which is been occupied by royal are surrounded by good and healthy natural environment.
  • Projects which are under constructed will be nearby to the main roads.
  • Various type of gifts are been given to every members.
  • Royal’s management and its working style are always been transparent. Spot disputes for every query are been given from them.
  • Royal Family is always been helpful to each one.